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7th September 2012

tillybow10:50am: Hi anyone reading this.. not really sure what to say but been reading though some of the posts on here and I'm so relieved I'm not the only one who's scared of wrists. I was searching for the proper name for my fears (as many of them as there are) and i couldn't find a name for this, then my friend said it was karpophobic and i eventually found this site, I've always been iffy about wrists but it got worse a few years ago when i was told that if you press onto the wrist with enough pressure you can make someone pass out.
When some of my friends found they thought i was joking and would shove their wrists in my face laughing, they realised i was genuinely afraid most of them stopped but some would wrap their hands around my wrist so they weren't touching but very close, i would be so scared i couldnt even flinch away or shout at them, if they stayed there too long i'd eventually be able to cry but till then i was pretty much stuck there. it still happens today, not on purpose but people will try and get my attention by grabbing my wrist and i'll squeal so they know to let go. a friends of mine once thought it would help if they held onto my wrist to make me face this fear.. but it didn't help at all and i sat crying onto their shoulder for ages after they'd let go :( its reassuring that I'm not just strange and there are people who are the same and worse than i am, and its nice to be able to write about this and have people understand.

just felt the veins and tendons in my wrist move as i type, dont know why it has to affect me so much but its made me feel sick and want to cry D:
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17th March 2012

tiffanyseawell12:13pm: My Karpophobia
Hey everyone! I'm Tiffany and I have an extreme case of karpophobia.
I cannot say how long I have had this fear, but I am pretty sure I know how it got started.
When I was younger, my mom took me to my Aunt's doctors office to get a shot. The shot was for my mom, but the environment at the doctors office has always creeped me out anyway. While she was giving my mom a shot she noticed the veins in my wrist and forearm. She got really excited and said "Oh my gosh, Tiffany! You have the most amazing veins I have ever seen!" She then grabbed my wrist and started admiring my veins. Then she sat me in a chair and started begging me to let her take my blood. "Please Tiffany! Your veins are perfect for taking blood!" She then started getting out needles and rubberbands to wrap my arm. I started freaking out and screaming. Ever since that day, no one has been allowed to touch or even look at my wrists, including myself.
When I sit at the table at school, my wrists are always placed on the top of the table, not on the corner. If my wrist was on the corner, I can feel my veins moving and it scares me. Whenever my class has to check their pulse for whatever reason, I have had to leave the room due to panic attacks because everyone around me was holding their wrists out and touching them. I cannot wear bracelets, or any clothes that might scratch my wrists, like sequens. I am always holding my wrists against my stomach by crossing my arms to protect them. A lot of the time, when someone grabs my hand I freak out and get heat flashes just because they are near my wrist. When someone actually grabs my wrist, I scream, jerk my hand away, and have panic attacks. I cannot hang from monkey bars, because I can feel the veins straining in my wrists. Actually, I cannot do any activity that includes straining my wrists. I actually just had to change typing positions because my wrists were touching the corner of my laptop and the typing was moving the veins.
This might sound crazy, but you know how projector machines look like an eye where the picture projects out of it? Well one day my teacher had the projector off and pointed towards me. The eye on the projector started to look like it was looking at my wrist, and I had to ask her to move it. This has also happened before with scissors that were on a desk in front of mine. There are other situations that scare me, I just cannot think of anything else at the moment.
Someone has suggested that I try to get therapy, but there is NO way I am letting anyone near my wrists. I would prefer living with this fear than have someone talk to me about wrists, touch them, or show me pictures of them.
I am relieved to know that I am not alone with this fear, it feels good to be able to relate to others about this!
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27th August 2010

meebo_334:08pm: my carpophobia
hey! just found this community when i was searching my fear online, trying to gain some validation for it. 

i'm not sure how long i've had carpophobia (well, i'm not sure how it started at least). the main story i give is that when i was younger, a volunteer from the nearby nature center came in to my school to speak and brought in an eagle claw. he proceeded to pull one of the tendons in the wrist to make the claw open and close. DISGUSTING.

i think the real reason i'm afraid though is because a few years ago, i discovered a few of my close friends were cutting. this caused the beginning of my depression and i guess, my carpophobia, since the wrist is the main target of cutting.

my carpophobia is pretty mild. i don't like to look at wrists, i can't take my pulse on my wrist, i got kind of scared just reading some of the stories on this page. sometimes, if i don't think about it, i don't mind too much. like, if someone grabbed my wrist i might not freak out, but if they stroke it or something, i would. oh god, thinking about my wrists moving as i'm typing this is kinda freaking me out too.

anyway, i'm glad to find people like me. it's a relief to have this sympathy. the thing i hate the most is when someone thinks it's funny i'm scared of wrists and shove theirs in my face... anyway, thank you.
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18th July 2009

iamtinybones9:01pm: ughh, of course i find a community of people like me when no one has posted in years.
ughhhhh wriiissttttsssssssss.

3rd December 2006

paivansade3:44pm: Maintenance
I'm looking for someone to give my admin privs for this comminity to. Is there anybody interested in taking over? Let me know! :)

5th October 2004

msmallwod7:04pm: Invite to a new Anxiety-Panic Yahoo Group just opening

Hello, I would like to invite all members and moderators, to join our newly created (OCT 3, 04) Health and Family Care yahoo Group.
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If you have, any questions please feel free to e-mail at anytime.



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3rd May 2004

msmallwod1:33am: Made a special place on my message board to this type phobia
Hi every one, if you read my earlier posting then you knows about my website and message board.
Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created a topic in my phobias area just for this phobia.
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Please feel like you also have a home there as well, it is our goal to bring Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Depression, and OCD suffers from around the world to discuss related topics in one Global Community setting.
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1st May 2004

msmallwod8:26pm: New Anxiety, Panic, phobia, Depression , OCD, web site and message board.
I would like to invite all members to visit our new Anxiety, Panic,
phobia ,Depression and OCD disorder web site and message board.

A little bit about our web site.

Health and Family Care is an Anxiety, Panic, phobia, Depression and
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29th April 2004

paivansade9:11pm: well, i suppose my phobia has finally been familiarized. yesterday i got myself a tattoo on my wrist, that i've had planned as the end of my theraphy (that i've been writing about earlier). i'm extremely happy and relieved, and it did hurt a lot to make this tattoo, but i almost wasn't scared at all, which is a great success, considering that i was phobic of both wrists and needles!

if you want to see a picture, click here :D:D:D

it's the same image, as in my usericon, and it means "courage" [yuuki] in japanese :)
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21st July 2003

nekoevie2:56pm: A-ha!
Ahh, I think I've realised why I don't need my wrists covered by long sleeves...it's because then there'd be something *touching* them, and...I wouldn't like that. Just a small revelation to myself that I thought I'd share...

20th July 2003

nekoevie11:51pm: Yei~~!!
Umm...yei!! I'm so glad that I've finally found people with this phobia...it took me ages...I've been searching for a name for it as long as I can remember, but I've never found one up until now. (I wonder if there is a medical name for this at all?) Soo...

Basically, I hate wrists, period...I don't even like looking at the word or typing it, either. Or hearing it. Or anything...now that I think about it, it doesn't bother me not to have long sleeves on ... (I have like, zero long sleeved shirts) but, my wrists don't seem to bother me so much unless I'm looking at the inside part where the veins are. It just...really freaks me out and I don't know why. Whenever I see it, or even just look at it, I feel really sick inside and get kind of dizzy, like I wanna pass out or something...it's not fun...

More than anything, I get really sick thinking of that place being touched...especially when someone is touching my wrist (I can't even touch my own wrist) and I don't like leaving my arm upwards so that it's exposed...I don't like when other people touch wrists, (their own or others) either...and, oh God, thinking of that place being hurt...(like, cut, or in anyway) makes me, really...really queasy...I can barely type it...

Anyway, glad I FINALLY found some people with this same thing...it's good to know I'm not the only one. ('Cause, that'd be kinda scary. @_@;)

21st April 2003

paivansade5:39pm: hi there!

i'm on antidepressants [venlafaxinum = effexor xr/efectin er] for 2 weeks now and i see a huge improvement already! i don't get as depressed as before, i function way better, and seeing wrists is far less emotional for me than it used to be. now it's more a mental discomfort than actual fear. today for the first time in years i managed to look at my own wrist out of my own will for longer than a second and not freak out totally :P

of course this is just meds. i can't really get rid of a phobia on just that. so next thursday i'm starting therapy. it's called behavioral-cognitive therapy and my therapist is one of the best specialists in this friggin country, so i'm very positive about it. i'm sort of scared, cause this therapy is supposed to reveal the hidden meaning of my phobia, and my psychiatrist said it's usually lome blocked out memory of abuse, sexual or just violence, but either way, i don't feel like finding out... but i have to and i will.

damn, it's going well. i eally believe this can work out :)
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6th April 2003

paivansade5:54am: like i said, i've been to a psychiatrist yesterday. and she was quite surprised with my problem, but i'm really happy with the way she's going to handle it. she said she doesn't want to send me to a psychoanalist, cause it's not such an important thing to find out, where the fear came from, but rather it's important to just help me live with it and reduce it, and eliminate the side effects [depression, general anxiety]. for now she prescribed me 75mg/day of efectin ER, known in the usa under the name effexor XR, later she'll increase the dose and send me to a specialist who handles phobias individually, partly by analysing, partly by making the patient more 'friendly' with the feared thing.

i hope this all works.

about 7 hours ago i took the first dose of the med, i'm rather hyper now, as the doctor said i would be during the first week, and i get nauseated every few minutes, then it passes. generally if i'm going to be taking this for at least half a year, i don't mind some side effects in the beginning, right?

i'm nervous about it all, but hopeful and grateful to the doctor, she was really nice and rather understanding. she said she'll help me start enjoying life again, and i really believe she can...

now back to my hyperish insomnia :P
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3rd April 2003

paivansade9:10pm: hey there!

i just want to let you all know, than on saturday i'm going to my first psychiatrist appointment ever, and amongst all the problems i want to discuss with the doctor, the karpophobia will be no1. i'm pretty nervous and a little bit scared, but happy at the same time, that i'm finally doing something about it. maybe it won't help much, but maybe i'll get some meds and therapy and manage to reduce the thing a bit to live a more normal life.

my fear of wrists is getting pretty big on me lately. i wanted to see a doctor about it for a few years now, a couple of months ago i decided it's a serious aim of mine, but now i see it's more like a must, otherwise i'll just develop more phobias. i'm getting pretty much socialphobic lately, because my home, where i live alone, is the only place where i have full control over seeing no wrists. i get pretty anxious whenever i have to leave the house, ride a bus with strangers that i just can't tell why the hell i'm getting so pale and nauseaus... going to classes is hard, too. though most people i sit near to know about my phobia, they hardly ever remember about it, and i just feel so stupid whenever i have to remind them, that i just stop reminding them at all and just cover my head with my hands and wait til the panic goes away. more and more often the wrists just make me cry... i've stopped watching tv almost completly and i'm very careful while watching the internet, not to stumble upon anything triggering... it's never been as bad as this...

...so wish me luck with my doctor appointment.

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25th March 2003

rx_queen022:53pm: hi.

I didn't even realize this was a real phobia until i found this community. this is so weird...but kind of cool because now i've found some freaks like myself..lol. i can't stand my wrists being touched. i can't stand anything sharp near them, i can't watch stigmata or any other movies with scenes like that. wrists just make me nervous. like they are too sensitive...they should be covered. one time my friend Sarah was just being silly and she took a knife and held it up to her wrists and I totally freaked out. that's when i realized i might have a little bit of a problem...

16th March 2003

ptc5551:38am: WOW
I have to tell you that I just stumbled onto this community in the LJ COMMUNity promotoins page. But wow i think i definitely am karpophobic but I dont think Im that bad. I HATE wrists, I hate touching my wrists and I spazzed out once when my boyfriend held my wrist once (he wasnt being violent or anything, he just grabbed me), but I have this problem that i HAVE TO HAVE something on my wrist at all times, for example bracelets or a watch, and I cant sleep unless I have a tight hair elastic on my wrist.

I dont know if that makes me karpophobic or not.

14th March 2003

tainteddreamz11:47pm: surprise surprise
*waves* hey i stumbled across this community and i am shocked. i didnt even realize i had a problem until you mentioned it. hell right this moment my wrist is aching just reading this community. its mostly the fear that something might happen to my wrists that bothers me the most. I think its something that got mixed up with my fear of knives and accidently witnessing a fiction tv show were an inmate in jail commited suicide by cutting open is wrists with his teeth. God i can barely type that, it gives me the shivers. You seem to want members badly, so here i am. wow
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paivansade9:02am: reply to a comment to the last entry, for everyone to see, a.k.a my second introduction
like i said in the userinfo, i invented the name myself and i know only two more people scared of wrists by now [though i've been looking for others as long as i've had it...] but i guess the phobia is not known to doctors, or hasn't been described in any books, or something like that. i personally never went to a doctor with it. i'm quite good at dealing with my own "mental problems" and i managed to somehow reduce the fear of wrists over the years...

okay, short description of the fear:
- first and most important of all - i can't look at wrists. the nearer they are, the more anxious i feel. i especially hate it when someone rests their head on their hand displaying the whole wrist - it drives me nuts, i get the fear that the skin will break or something, or that something bad will happen in general. i usually just cover my head or look away now [yeah, it makes mee look ridiculous anyway], but i had times when i'd just start crying uncontrollably and walk out of the room [i usually do it, anyway, if i have a chance...]
- i can't look at my own wrists either. it's especially hard when i have to wash or something - i apply shampoo in a pretty weird way, i guess...
- i would love the whole world to wear long sleeves. but sometimes even through the sleeve i can feel the presence of the wrist and have to force myself really hard not to think about it
- i feel best, especially in public, when my wrists are near to my body. you know, like my hands wrapped around me.
- i'd never open a glass door pushing it with my hand. i always either use my shoulder or kick it open. i generally have bad times thinking about possible contact of my wrists with potentially sharp objects.
- i'm afraid of injections, but not because of the needle itself, cause i take the dentist anaestasia or shots in my ass muscles quite bravely - it's the idea of exposing my hand and wrist to a stranger is what freaks me out...

i guess i'm havng phases, sometimes i can deal with it easily and sometimes it seems like the biggest thing in my life. and in general i deal with it better when i'm alone and worst when i'm around complete strangers that i can't move ayaw from [like in the bus]...

dunno, that's about it. feel free to ask any questions - like - how long i have this fear. well, that would be about 5 or 6 years now, i can't remember the exact time it started, no traumatic experience with wrists or anything... it's just there.

//yeah, that's the description of *my* karpophobia, but i suppose it can be different with others.

see a rather lenghty list of phobias an an explanation on them here. you won't probably find karpophobia on that list, though i've emailed the author, cause it's never been researched, as far as i know, and he lists only the phobias that he can find in a reference book. but maybe you'll find something more suitable for you on that list, if you're in doubt as for what your problem really is. there are also links to sites that tell how to deal with phobias and so on.

have no fear!
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13th March 2003

paivansade1:19pm: hey there, it's your karpophobic maintainer!
hopefully, this community will some day gather at least 10 members :P

join to manifest your rare phobia and share thoughts about it!

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