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New Anxiety, Panic, phobia, Depression , OCD, web site and message board.

I would like to invite all members to visit our new Anxiety, Panic,
phobia ,Depression and OCD disorder web site and message board.

A little bit about our web site.

Health and Family Care is an Anxiety, Panic, phobia, Depression and
OCD Disorder Self-Help Site and was established on March 27, 2004.
Visitors to this site will find quick self-relief tips, my most
recent published articles, my personal disorder story and other
support group links, message boards related to this disorder and
soon to be added downloadable self-help related e-books.

You can reach our web site by going to

Our Message Board was established on April 29, 2004; we are inviting
all members of all anxiety, panic, phobia, Depression, OCD Disorder
support groups' worldwide to be a part of this new community. Our
membership signings has just started , so there is plenty of room
for every one to join from all support groups and start posting
after your confirmation comes in your e-mail ;immediately after

We also offer link exchange deals for other support groups as a way
to help and promote anxiety and support groups worldwide.

If you wish only to visit the message board without going to the web
site then you can reach the board by going to
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