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Invite to a new Anxiety-Panic Yahoo Group just opening

Hello, I would like to invite all members and moderators, to join our newly created (OCT 3, 04) Health and Family Care yahoo Group.
Health and Family Care Yahoo, is an Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, all forms of Depression and OCD, Bipolar Disorder support Group.

Members will be able to post, interact and support each other in a family style setting. Membership is open to anyone in need or Shares in the desire to help others overcome this terrible disorder.

Visitors to this group will be able to find a link to the Health and Family Care Web site that is the parent site of this group, to find news and self-help information and much more to come. You will also find our original and active message board that this group will be replacing. You are welcome to post on both boards at anytime.

If you have, any questions please feel free to e-mail at anytime.


Health and Family Care Moderator

United States, Philippines

Health and Family Care Website
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