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reply to a comment to the last entry, for everyone to see, a.k.a my second introduction

like i said in the userinfo, i invented the name myself and i know only two more people scared of wrists by now [though i've been looking for others as long as i've had it...] but i guess the phobia is not known to doctors, or hasn't been described in any books, or something like that. i personally never went to a doctor with it. i'm quite good at dealing with my own "mental problems" and i managed to somehow reduce the fear of wrists over the years...

okay, short description of the fear:
- first and most important of all - i can't look at wrists. the nearer they are, the more anxious i feel. i especially hate it when someone rests their head on their hand displaying the whole wrist - it drives me nuts, i get the fear that the skin will break or something, or that something bad will happen in general. i usually just cover my head or look away now [yeah, it makes mee look ridiculous anyway], but i had times when i'd just start crying uncontrollably and walk out of the room [i usually do it, anyway, if i have a chance...]
- i can't look at my own wrists either. it's especially hard when i have to wash or something - i apply shampoo in a pretty weird way, i guess...
- i would love the whole world to wear long sleeves. but sometimes even through the sleeve i can feel the presence of the wrist and have to force myself really hard not to think about it
- i feel best, especially in public, when my wrists are near to my body. you know, like my hands wrapped around me.
- i'd never open a glass door pushing it with my hand. i always either use my shoulder or kick it open. i generally have bad times thinking about possible contact of my wrists with potentially sharp objects.
- i'm afraid of injections, but not because of the needle itself, cause i take the dentist anaestasia or shots in my ass muscles quite bravely - it's the idea of exposing my hand and wrist to a stranger is what freaks me out...

i guess i'm havng phases, sometimes i can deal with it easily and sometimes it seems like the biggest thing in my life. and in general i deal with it better when i'm alone and worst when i'm around complete strangers that i can't move ayaw from [like in the bus]...

dunno, that's about it. feel free to ask any questions - like - how long i have this fear. well, that would be about 5 or 6 years now, i can't remember the exact time it started, no traumatic experience with wrists or anything... it's just there.

//yeah, that's the description of *my* karpophobia, but i suppose it can be different with others.

see a rather lenghty list of phobias an an explanation on them here. you won't probably find karpophobia on that list, though i've emailed the author, cause it's never been researched, as far as i know, and he lists only the phobias that he can find in a reference book. but maybe you'll find something more suitable for you on that list, if you're in doubt as for what your problem really is. there are also links to sites that tell how to deal with phobias and so on.

have no fear!
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