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my carpophobia

hey! just found this community when i was searching my fear online, trying to gain some validation for it. 

i'm not sure how long i've had carpophobia (well, i'm not sure how it started at least). the main story i give is that when i was younger, a volunteer from the nearby nature center came in to my school to speak and brought in an eagle claw. he proceeded to pull one of the tendons in the wrist to make the claw open and close. DISGUSTING.

i think the real reason i'm afraid though is because a few years ago, i discovered a few of my close friends were cutting. this caused the beginning of my depression and i guess, my carpophobia, since the wrist is the main target of cutting.

my carpophobia is pretty mild. i don't like to look at wrists, i can't take my pulse on my wrist, i got kind of scared just reading some of the stories on this page. sometimes, if i don't think about it, i don't mind too much. like, if someone grabbed my wrist i might not freak out, but if they stroke it or something, i would. oh god, thinking about my wrists moving as i'm typing this is kinda freaking me out too.

anyway, i'm glad to find people like me. it's a relief to have this sympathy. the thing i hate the most is when someone thinks it's funny i'm scared of wrists and shove theirs in my face... anyway, thank you.
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