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Made a special place on my message board to this type phobia

Hi every one, if you read my earlier posting then you knows about my website and message board.
Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created a topic in my phobias area just for this phobia.
If you like to post there and interact with people who have similar or different phobias, all you have to do is register, log in, get your confirm from your e-mail and start posting.

I have had only Agoraphobia (The fear of fear) and would very much like one or all of your members to visit my site and simply explain in more detail about this phobia so visitors to my self-help web site and message board can better understand this type of phobia.

Please feel like you also have a home there as well, it is our goal to bring Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Depression, and OCD suffers from around the world to discuss related topics in one Global Community setting.
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