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My Karpophobia

Hey everyone! I'm Tiffany and I have an extreme case of karpophobia.
I cannot say how long I have had this fear, but I am pretty sure I know how it got started.
When I was younger, my mom took me to my Aunt's doctors office to get a shot. The shot was for my mom, but the environment at the doctors office has always creeped me out anyway. While she was giving my mom a shot she noticed the veins in my wrist and forearm. She got really excited and said "Oh my gosh, Tiffany! You have the most amazing veins I have ever seen!" She then grabbed my wrist and started admiring my veins. Then she sat me in a chair and started begging me to let her take my blood. "Please Tiffany! Your veins are perfect for taking blood!" She then started getting out needles and rubberbands to wrap my arm. I started freaking out and screaming. Ever since that day, no one has been allowed to touch or even look at my wrists, including myself.
When I sit at the table at school, my wrists are always placed on the top of the table, not on the corner. If my wrist was on the corner, I can feel my veins moving and it scares me. Whenever my class has to check their pulse for whatever reason, I have had to leave the room due to panic attacks because everyone around me was holding their wrists out and touching them. I cannot wear bracelets, or any clothes that might scratch my wrists, like sequens. I am always holding my wrists against my stomach by crossing my arms to protect them. A lot of the time, when someone grabs my hand I freak out and get heat flashes just because they are near my wrist. When someone actually grabs my wrist, I scream, jerk my hand away, and have panic attacks. I cannot hang from monkey bars, because I can feel the veins straining in my wrists. Actually, I cannot do any activity that includes straining my wrists. I actually just had to change typing positions because my wrists were touching the corner of my laptop and the typing was moving the veins.
This might sound crazy, but you know how projector machines look like an eye where the picture projects out of it? Well one day my teacher had the projector off and pointed towards me. The eye on the projector started to look like it was looking at my wrist, and I had to ask her to move it. This has also happened before with scissors that were on a desk in front of mine. There are other situations that scare me, I just cannot think of anything else at the moment.
Someone has suggested that I try to get therapy, but there is NO way I am letting anyone near my wrists. I would prefer living with this fear than have someone talk to me about wrists, touch them, or show me pictures of them.
I am relieved to know that I am not alone with this fear, it feels good to be able to relate to others about this!
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